SmarTrack uTrack - Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management

SmarTrack uTrack is a vehicle tracking system that allows customers to benefit from live detailed tracking reports. These devices are ideal for efficient fleet management, small businesses and even concerned parents. Google maps instant vehicle location, Overspeed warnings, and Geo-Fence options, give excellent knowledge and better control of your vehicles.

Smartrack UTrack fleet vehicle tracking

SmarTrack uTrack £299 per vehicle
Monitoring fee £100.80 per year per vehicle


Vehicle Tracking Portsmouth and Southampton Areas

Our mobile installation service means we provide vehicle tracking for Portsmouth, Southampton, Chichester, Hampshire and West Sussex areas. Devices are covertly fitted, without modules or cables being visible, or easy to reach. We can also arrange discreet installation, at a time and place to best suit each customer's individual needs.

Benefits of Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management

Many different types of customers benefit from vehicle tracking. They provide for efficient fleet management but are also ideal for small businesses as well as individual family members.

The main advantage of tracking systems is that they help to reinforce the driving contract you have set out with the driver of your vehicle.

Each customer is given a login area accessed with their own username and password. The system uses Google maps technology to display 1 minute journey updates, with speed, start times, end times, start location and end location. This system is easy to use, and Smartrack provide a free system simulation for their vehicle tracking systems (put in "leisure" for both username and password).

In this area customers can set overspeed thresholds, meaning the car owner will be emailed should a certain speed be exceeded, as well as a Geo-Fence perimeter. You will also know if your vehicle has been used after hours.

Reduced Fleet Management Costs

There are also cost benefits for efficient fleet management when tracking devices are installed. For example knowing where a vehicle is, at all times, can provide more efficient time management with employees becoming more available. Secondly, overspeed warnings can also provide for better fuel consumption. Lastly, should a vehicle be stolen, the account holder can liaise with Police to more quickly recover it, and any equipment inside.

Smartrack uTrack Listed Features

  • For cars, vans, HGV's, plant, boats, motorbikes, trailers, and much more...
  • Uses Google maps technology
  • 1 min journey updates
  • Own login area, with username and password
  • Geo-Fence option for designated safe area perimeter
  • Over speed warnings

Payment can be made at the time of installation, via our mobile credit card machine.

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More Information

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