Parrot UNIKA Manufacturer Steering Wheel Integration Device

The Parrot UNIKA steering wheel control system works with the MKi series of hands free car kits. These kits allow you to listen to iPod, iPhone and other MP3 music players and the UNIKA device allows you to manage of the kit through the manufacturer steering wheel controls.

The UNIKA system is compatible with most cars (and Parrot says all phones), but to look up your particular car enter details on the Parrot website. On this page put in any MKi kit, your car make, model, and stereo type, you then click on the UNIKA link to read a PDF document relating to your car (the last pages are how to use the device).

Dragon Car Audio will fit the Parrot UNIKA in the Portsmouth, Southampton, East Hampshire and West Sussex areas.
All our hands free car kit prices include mobile installation in our serviced areas. Contact Dragon Car Audio.

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Parrot unika steering wheel control device


Parrot UNIKA supplied and fitted from £159.99 *see notes below

This price assumes that the UNIKA is fitted at the same time as a Parrot MKi hands free kit. The price is £199.99* if fitted as a separate job.

How does the Parrot UNIKA Work?

This add on device is an invisible system allowing your car steering wheel buttons to communicate with hands free kits via the UNIKA integration.

Where there are limited buttons on your manufactured steering wheel then a combination of presses can achieve the different functions. There are four modes, where Mode A is for four steering wheel buttons, Mode B is for five, Mode C is for six and Mode D is for seven buttons. This allows the device to be compatible with different manufacturer steering wheel designs.

Generally buttons have multiple functions depending on what the kit thinks you want it to do. For example you will use the same button to select a track as to accept a call, and again as a long press, to end a call. It takes a bit of getting used to, and is not for the faint hearted, but once you learn the sequences they become second nature.

The Parrot MKi remote will always be easier to use, especially for navigating menu choices when playing music. The choice is yours to either use the Parrot remote in combination with the steering wheel controls (e.g. steering wheel controls to receive, End and redial numbers and the remote for everything else) or simply leave in the box and rely solely on the steering wheel buttons to do everything.

Parrot UNIKA System Requirements

The UNIKA is only compatible with the MKi range of hands free car kits. These are:

  • Parrot MKi9200 – TFT quality screen + remote
  • Parrot MKi9100 – Mini two line screen + remote
  • Parrot MKi9000 – no screen, just remote
  • If you want to be able to see functional menus and simple call information, then the mini screen is good. If you want a kit that looks superb and displays all that you want and more then the square quality screen is for you.

    More Information

    There is additional user information and software updates for the UNIKA direct from the Parrot website. Here you follow the wizard instructions to download a general installer, allowing you to download the particular software for this device.

    For general information on how kits work then view our hands free car kits FAQ page.

    We have saved Mode C as a PDF document so you can view how the button press and press combinations works on a six button car (BMWs fall into this category).

    This device is not the same as the Multican/Multicomm steering wheel control devices compatible with the Parrot CK3000 and CK3100 – they are very different devices, what makes the UNIKA unique is the integration with iPod or other music playing devices through the MKi range of kits.


    * Additional Costs (your car will fit into ONE of these 4 categories)

    Please note these additional lead costs are only paid once and will have been neccessary for the MKi kit to work.

    1. No extra cables or wiring required
    No Charge
    2. Additional car connection loom required
    3. CAN bus driven vehicle requiring additional car connection loom
    4. Amplified stereo systems (may be located in the car boot e.g. Bose® system)
    £45 to £85

    Contact Dragon Car Audio & Security.

    Payment can be made at the time of installation, via our mobile credit card machine a handheld version of devices in shops allowing you to insert your card and input your pin code.

    The Parrot UNIKA integration device allows you to manage your iPod via the manufacturer steering wheel controls, and a suitable MKi hands free car kit. Dragon Car Audio can supply and expertly install the Parrot UNIKA device for Portsmouth, Southampton, East Hampshire and West Sussex areas.


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