Parrot MKi9100 Hands Free Car Kit with iPod Connection

The Parrot MKi9100 is a mini screen hands free car kit with separate remote control. It also has the ability to play music directly from iPod, USB and any 3.5mm line in music devices allowing the car kit to play music when not making or receiving phone calls.  

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Parrot MKi9100 on dash

Parrot MKi9100 supplied and fitted for £239.99 *see notes below

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The bluetooth connectivity allows you to make and receive calls without handling your mobile phone, once paired with your mobile phone you can either use voice control or the easy to use steering wheel control pad.

To see how easy this device is to use see a Parrot MKi range video demonstration here.  

All our hands free car kit prices include mobile installation in our serviced areas.

Payment can be made at the time of installation, via our mobile credit card machine.

The Parrot MKI9100 is supplied and expertly fitted for £239.99* in Portsmouth, Southampton, Petersfield, Chichester, Hampshire & West Sussex areas.


Making & Receiving Calls

The remote control can either be mounted on the dash or wrapped around the steering wheel.

This device has 6 buttons and the function of these change depending on what the hands free kit is doing, it sounds complicated but becomes easy as you get used to it. For example the green 'yes' button can accept a call but also select a function when scrolling through the menu selection.

The display shows shows two lines of text but also a header bar of phone info, signal strength and battery life when using it as a phone device.

MKi9100 Standard Features

• Automatic phone book synchronisation each time phone automatically connects
• Up to 10 phones can be paired with up to 2000 contacts per phone
• Double microphone with echo cancellation & advance noise reduction
• Small discrete screen
• Maximum range is 10m (33 feet)
• Screen size for the MKi 9100 - 82 x 32 x 14mm

MKi9100 screen display options


MKi 9100 Advanced Features

  • Multipoint - connect 2 phones and make or receive calls from either
  • Multiple connectors – iPod (fifth generation) USB, iPhone, 3.5mm Line in
  • Automatic phone book synchronisation
  • Audible menus and phonebook
  • Training-free user independent voice recognition (requires compatible phone)
  • Reads out text messages (requires compatible phone)
  • Caller ID
  • Virtual Super Bass
  • Digital Class-D 20W amplifier

Parrot MKi 9100 Music Input

The Parrot MKi 9100 comes with 3 input plugs that are usually installed in the car glove compartment. These are an iPod/iPhone connector, a USB plug and a 3.5mm line in jack plug. They allow music devices to be pluged in directly and relay music when the kit is not being used for calls.

This means that you can play your iPod by connecting it directly with the connector, and when a call comes the kit will stop the playback and relay the call. Once the call is finished and you 'hang up' the music playback is continued automatically.

Parrot MKi9100 music input options

When not in use the three plugs neatly clip together with their own dedicated holder.

Please Note:

As with all music bluetooth hands free car kits the music produced will not be the same quality as that from a car stereo. This is because the kit uses its own amplifier to play the music, and although reproduction is very good, customers should not expect crystal clear, complex music sounds, from a hands free kit.

Parrot Software support for MKi 9100

There is additional user information and software updates for the Parrot MKi 9100 direct from the Parrot website. Here you follow the wizard instructions to download a general installer, allowing you to download the particular software for this device.

* Additional Costs (your car will fit into ONE of these 4 categories)

1. No extra cables or wiring required
No Charge
2. Additional car connection loom required
3. CAN bus driven vehicle requiring additional car connection loom
4. Amplified stereo systems (may be located in the car boot e.g. Bose® system)
£45 to £85

This kit is suitable to be used with the Parrot UNIKA manufactured car steering wheel integration device.

This mini screen kit is a superb multipurpose but practical device. Dragon Car Audio can expertly install the Parrot MKi9100 hands free kit for Portsmouth, Fareham, Chichester, Bognor Regis, Petersfield, Southampton, and our prices include mobile fitting in our service areas.

View Parrot MKi9100 manual and user guide.

For general information on how kits work then view our hands free car kit FAQ page.

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