Parrot Asteroid Tablet

The Parrot Asteroid Tablet is a touchscreen Bluetooth car kit. It works with the system already in your vehicle allowing Applications to be downloaded to enhance your driving experience.

We are Parrot certified installers with a mobile service providing the Asteroid Tablet fitted for Portsmouth, Southampton, Winchester, Chichester and parts of West Sussex and Hampshire.

View a Parrot Asteroid Tablet video demonstration.

Parrot Asteroid Tablet

Supplied and fitted for £469.99 *see notes below

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Advanced Bluetooth Car Kit

This is primarily a Bluetooth car kit with extra capabilities.

Asteroid Tablet in carIt has a large, and thin, 5in display with Multi-Touch capability. You simply scroll through menus by moving your finger left to right and to select objects with a tap. It has the standard format for the touch screen display with side menu bar containing the usual 'back' and 'home' functions.

The Asteroid Tablet has easy menu navigation and can be optionally used with a wireless remote control. The remote has a sensitive, intuitive touchpad, for example with circle motion for volume and across for menu selection. This can be mounted either on the steering wheel (you use your thumb), or on the dash (you use your finger).

Useful Asteroid Apps

This kit is all about the Apps, many of which are free to download and use. They can be accessed via the 'Asteroid Market' section of the Parrot Website.

Asteroid Tablet market place

Available Asteroid Tablet Apps are 'Weather', 'Fuel for Less', 'Liveradio', 'Navfree', 'Waze GPS Social & Traffic' and more. Interestingly you can also purchase a TomTom App for navigation. All applications are downloaded onto the included SD card and then installed once placed into the screen. Some apps run in the background and will run simultaneously while others are being used.

Please note that not all apps are available for all of the four devices in the Asteroid range, you need to highlight your device.

Asteroid Tablet Listed Features

  • 5in Touchscreen
  • Intuitive wireless remote
  • Echo cancellation and noise reduction
  • Dual Phone (MULTIPOINT)
  • Automatic phonebook synchronization
  • Intelligent call management (Answer, reject)
  • Easy menu navigation
  • Peripheral connections for iPod and USB
  • 4x40W MOSFET amplifier
  • SD card input
  • Remembers 10 paired phones
  • Up to 5,000 contacts per device (50,000 in total)

Music Play Capability

This kit has the same music play functions, capabilities, and limitations as the Mini - read more on the Parrot Asteroid Mini music functions.


* Additional Costs (your car will fit into ONE of these 4 categories)

1. No extra cables or wiring required
No Charge
2. Additional car connection loom required
3. CAN bus driven vehicle requiring additional car connection loom
4. Amplified stereo systems (may be located in the car boot e.g. Bose® system)
£45 to £85

Payment can be made at the time of installation, via our mobile credit card machine.

Contact Dragon Car Audio & Security.

This superb device comes with mobile installation. Dragon Car Audio can Fit the Parrot Asteroid Tablet in the Portsmouth, Southampton, Winchester, Chichester and parts of West Sussex and Hampshire areas.


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