Parrot Bluetooth Hands Free Car Kit - CK3000 Evolution

The CK3000 Evolution Parrot Hands Free Car Kit is an easy to use Bluetooth device. It has a small compact design with a 'Yes' & 'No' buttons and volume dial.

Receiving phone calls in your car just couldn't be easier, you press green to accept a call and red to end a call without the need to touch or handle your mobile phone.

Parrot CK3000 fitted on dashboard

Parrot CK3000 supplied and fitted for £179.99 *see notes below

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Bluetooth Kit Standard Features

The Evolution Bluetooth kit is integrated into the car wiring system, allowing the stereo to mute while making a call. Callers are heard through the vehicle speakers, and spoken sound is captured through a microphone installed in the head lining of the car.  

  • Pair up to 3 phones
  • Uses the car speakers
  • Unidirectional microphone with noise reduction and echo cancellation
  • Long press on green button will call the last dialled number
  • Short press during a call will transfer call to phone (if getting out of car etc)
  • 'Jog wheel' browser button allows users to scroll through menus and control the volume
  • Size is 50 x 26mm

Parrot CK3000 showing Yes & No Buttons and Volume Dial

CK3000 Advanced Menu

The CK3000 button kit also has some extra options available through an advanced menu selection. Here the default volume or language can be changed to suit individual needs. The Bluetooth kit is also capable of simple voice recognition, allowing customers to accept and end calls after recording two keywords. Further keywords and voiceprints can be recorded, however these depend on a compatible phone for operation.


Parrot CK3000 Bluetooth Kit Advanced Menu Options

Click > “Language” + Turn >  

“English” “French” “Espanol” “Italiano” “Nederlands” “Portugese” +  

Click to Select

Select your Language

Click + Turn > "Volume" + Click >

Right = Louder, Left = Quieter

Set your default Volume level

Click + Turn > "Magic Words" + Click

Activate or Deactivate ‘Magic Word’ recognition

Click + Turn> “Record Keywords” + Click

Scroll to select individual words to record

Keyword Recording for Magic Words

Exit at any time by pressing the red button

Exit menu

Printable version of Parrot CK3000 Bluetooth car kit advanced menu table


Steering Wheel Integration

This kit is also an excellent choice for people looking to use the steering wheel controls on their car to make and receive calls. If your car is compatible, then an extra Multican or Multicomm device can be purchased and fitted at the same time. With this set up the Evolution control is not used as functions can be achieved by a combination of buttons on your steering wheel.

Parrot 3000 Evolution + Multican/Multicomm supplied & fitted for £249.99 * see notes below.

Prices include mobile fitting in our service area, and we fit to most car manufacturer makes including, Ford, Vauxhall, VW, BMW, Citroen, Peugeot, Merc, Fiat, Hyundai etc.

Payment can be made at the time of installation, via our mobile credit card machine.

Parrot Software Support

There is additional user information and software updates for the Parrot CK3000 Evolution direct from the Parrot website. Here you follow the wizard instructions to download a general installer, allowing you to download the particular software for this device.


* Additional Costs (your car will fit into ONE of these 4 categories)

1. No extra cables or wiring required
No Charge
2. Additional car connection loom required
3. CAN bus driven vehicle requiring additional car connection loom
4. Amplified stereo systems (may be located in the car boot e.g. Bose® system)
£45 to £85

Contact Dragon Car Audio & Security.

By buying the CK3000 Evolution you are purchasing a compact device that gives excellent bluetooth connectivity and functionality. Dragon Car Audio can expertly install this Parrot Bluetooth Car Kit in the Portsmouth, Havant, Chichester, Bognor Regis, Gosport, Fareham, Southampton and East Hampshire areas.

Download the Parrot CK3000 manual from the official website

Read more about the CK3000 advanced menu functions


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