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The SmarTrack Keyguard vehicle tracking system is ideally suited as a motorhome tracker, however, this device is also an excellent choice for classic cars, sports cars and other high value vehicles.

Thatcham Recognised Installer logoThese devices can only be fitted by SmarTrack accredited installers and Dragon Car Audio & Security can supply and expertly fit the Smartrack Keyguard Motorhome Tracker in the Portsmouth, Chichester, Bognor Regis, West Sussex, and Worthing to Southampton areas.

Motorhome Tracker

Price £449

Payment can be made at the time of installation, via our mobile credit card machine.

Contact Dragon Car Audio & Security to arrange fitting.

Price includes mobile fitting in our service area but excludes the annual £149 annual SCC Monitoring Fee.


SmarTrack Keyguard Features

  • Suitable for motorhomes & classic carsSuitable for Motorhomes, Classic Cars, Cars, Vans, HGV and LCV
  • GPS tracking technology
  • Comes with 2 encrypted remote controls
  • Alert24 Keyguard suitable for cars vans & HGV.Low battery text alert
  • Integrates with vehicle alarm systems
  • 24 hours a day monitoring
  • UK, Ireland & European coverage
  • Thatcham CAT 6 Approved
  • Insurance discounts possible
  • Battery disconnect alert
  • Movement sensor alert
  • Covert black box installed
  • 12 and 24 volt
  • Unit fully transferable to next car
  • 3 years SmarTrack manufacturer warranty including 1 year installation warranty

Keyguard Additional Features

The SmarTrack Alert24 Keyguard is ideal for motorhomes, caravans and other high value vehicles as the system comes with 2 encrypted remotes. A 4-digit PIN code is entered via the remote control before moving the vehicle, and if no PIN or an incorrect PIN is entered then a signal is sent to the SmarTrack Secure Control Centre.

Keyguard remote

This device gives additional protection against key theft and car jacking, and can therefore be also used for Sports cars, classic cars and other high value vehicles.

As with all Alert24 systems, the Keyguard version can be linked to and existing vehicle alarm. This means that if the alarm goes off the SmarTrack monitoring centre will phone you to check if everything is OK with your vehicle.  

The unit also automatically monitors your battery voltage level, which is particlulary useful for vehicles used occasionally. If the vehicle voltage drops below a minimum threshold value then the SCC will send a text message to your phone allowing you to keep your battery in tip-top condition.

For an extra £50 inc VAT per year live movement updates are available every 1-2 minutes via the web. For more information see the SmarTrack examples by entering the username and password of 'leisure' into their caravan tracking web page.

How does Vehicle Tracking work?

A movement detector detects unauthorised movement of the vehicle.

The SmarTrack vehicle tracking device use a GPS-GSM (satellite global positioning though the phone network) to pinpoint the location of your vehicle. Once the vehicle is located the SCC Secure Control Centre provides live tracking, and can inform police direction and speed of the vehicle as well as updating when any changes take place.

When your vehicle has been found, the SmarTrack control centre will make arrangements for the vehicle to be looked after until your vehicle can be recovered. This means, if necessary, a security guard will wait with your vehicle until either you or some other nominated persons take control.

Smartrack Monitoring Service

Your vehicle is monitored by the SmarTrack Control Centre (SCC) 24 hours a day for 365 days of the year. For this service you pay either and annual fee of £149 or duration of ownership cost of £399. These fees are not paid to the installer, instead you make direct payment to SmarTrack and this is easily done over the phone. SmarTrack fees, as of August 2009, now include European cover as standard.

Unlike other tracking devices SmarTrack systems can be transferred from one vehicle to another, providing the move is carried out by a SmarTrack approved installer (labour installation fees will be extra). This makes the system more cost effective in the longer term.


This system takes up to 3 hours to install and can be fitted at your home, workplace or where the vehicle is located.

Dragon Car Audio can supply and expertly fit the SmarTrack Keyguard motorhome tracker system in the Bognor Regis, West Sussex, and Worthing to Southampton areas.


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