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Clifford Authorised Installer Clifford Concept 650 MK3 systems are Thatcham alarms giving superb quality Cat 1 car security. Concept 650 Mark 3 Clifford alarms are well respected, branded products with a host of features and loyal following of customers.  

This car alarm is suitable for most vehicles and is the alarm of choice for all performance cars. When it comes to versatility this is often considered the best car security system.

Dragon Car Audio & Security are Clifford trained and Clifford Main Dealers. We can expertly install the Concept 650 MK3 in the Portsmouth, Southampton, Winchester, Hampshire & West Sussex areas.

Clifford Concept 650 Mark 2 showing remotes, wiring, siren, brain & box.

Clifford Concept 650 MK3 supplied and fitted for £599 *see notes below

One of the main features of the Concept 650 is that we install it with a dual zone proximity sensor as standard. This creates two ‘bubbles’ of protection, one to protect the interior cabin space and the other to extend just beyond creating a ‘warn away’ zone. This sensor can also be adjusted from the remote control, allowing owners to set the sensitivity to their individual requirements.

The three programmable auxiliary outputs are all capable of providing timed functions, allowing extra G5 modules and functions to be added either at the time of installation or later.

Clifford car alarms also benefit from an amplified antenna, giving a longer range of activation from the remote control to the vehicle.

Each device is fitted with the classic Clifford signature bright blue LED, and 650's now come with the new 5-button remotes.

Clifford Concept 650 Mk2 G5 Remote Control Functions

Alarm lock / unlock button
Car Alarm Arm / Disarm
Clifford 650 5-button remote
Boot release
Boot Release – Auxiliary output A
Engine remote start
Remote start (if fitted)
Silent arm / disarm
Silent Arm / Disarm
Auxiliary output B
Activate SmartWindows (if fitted)
Auxiliary output C
twice, then
Activate / Deactivate remote valet
twice, then
Disable sensors
twice, then
Safe mode start – for manual vehicles activate autostart mode

Printable version of Clifford Concept 650 remote functions table.


Concept 650 Standard Functions

  • Thatcham Category 1 car security system
  • Dual Zone proximity sensor
  • Battery back-up Siren
  • 3 auxiliary channel outputs (all timed)
  • Secure Immobiliser Auto Arming soon after you park
  • Selectable dual–point Smart Secure immobiliser
  • Bright blue LED indicator
  • Door, boot and bonnet protection
  • Total closure
  • PlainView coded valet/override switch
  • Auto learning
  • Includes two new style 5-button remote controls
  • ACG2 anti-code grabbing technology
  • Silent arm & disarm possible from remote
  • Remote sensor bypass
  • Superheterodyne receiver (amplified antenna) - long range from remote to vehicle
  • CliffNet data port
  • Turbo timer – (optional capability)

Additional Modules & Sensors Outputs

Please note all of these features will cost extra as they either require additional modules or extra time to install.

  • Engine Remote Start (this will invalidate Cat 1 status with your Insurance Policy)
  • BlackJax5 anti-carjacking system (this will invalidate Cat 1 status)
  • Window closures
  • Turbo timer
  • Proximity sensor
  • Glass tamper sensor
  • Shock sensor
  • Tilt motion sensor
  • Auto headlight illumination
  • Remote garage door opener
  • Remote boot release
  • Night light system (auto when goes dark)
  • Closed loop sensor (e.g. for spare wheel)

Adjusting Sensors from the Remote Control

The Clifford Concept 650 MK2 allows the proximity sensor and warn-away sensor to be adjusted from the hand-held remote control. The first level is for the proximity sensor and the second level adjusts the warn-away sensor.

Remote Sensor Adjustment for the Clifford Concept 650 MK3

Disarm the car alarm system. Clifford 650 MK2 remote sensor changes

Press three times followed by the Engine remote startbutton to adjust the Proximity sensor.

  1. LED will turn on and siren will chirp once.
  2. Primary zone now entered, press Boot release to increase sensitivity or Engine remote startto decrease.

Press to adjust the warn-away sensor.

  1. Siren will chirp once.
  2. Secondary zone now entered, press Boot release to increase sensitivity or Engine remote startto decrease.

Press to return from secondary zone and lock in warn-away changes.

  1. Siren chirps two times.
  2. Are now back in primary zone.
  3. Press to exit programming mode altogether and lock in proximity sensor changes.
  4. Siren will chirp three times.

Please note that when adjusting sensitivity up and down this can be done in single steps (one press at a time) or push and hold to adjust rapidly.

Printable version of Clifford remote sensor adjustment.


Clifford guidelines are 4 hours to fit this alarm to the necessary installation standards and generally we take a full morning or afternoon. Payment can be made at the time of installation, via our mobile credit card machine.

* Extra Parts and Labour will incur a reasonable additional charge as some vehicles require extra time for fitting e.g. Nissan Elgrand adds £80 to any alarm system, built motorhomes may need extra installation time, and door motor fitting is charged extra on a per door basis.

Dragon Car Audio & Security are MESF Accredited Installers and can supply & fit Clifford Concept 650 MK3 Thatcham alarms in the Southampton, Hampshire, Portsmouth, & West Sussex areas.

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