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A cat 1 car alarm for car or van is a product that has been approved by Thatcham and fitted by an approved installer. For customers who have been told by their insurance company to have car security installed, the Toad Ai606 is an excellent all round Category 1 system.  

Dragon Car Audio & Security can provide expert car alarm fitting in the Portsmouth, Southampton, Winchester, Chichester, South Guildford, East Hampshire and West Sussex areas.

We fit these devices with a valid MESF insurance ready certificate.

Toad Ai606 alarm system


Cat 1 Alarm for Insurance

This Cat 1 car alarm for insurance is ideal for customers who have been told by their insurance company to have an alarm fitted. It is on the Thatcham list of devices, showing it is tested and approved, providing it is fitted by an approved engineer. We provide an insurance ready MESF certificate, and are also Thatcham Recognised Installers (TRI).


Toad Ai606

The Toad Ai606 has been around since 1999 and is a proven, reliable product. The Toad brand is now owned by Scorpion Auto.

Protection for this system is provided via interior Ultrasonic sensors which can be adjusted manually.  

Each device is supplied with two, four-button remotes providing a variety of functions. These include silent Arm and Disarm and interior sensor bypass sometimes called ‘Pet Mode’. The remote can also operate three auxiliary outputs (if fitted), one of which can be timed for example to operate a turbo timer module if required.  

Toad Ai606 Remote Button Functions

Arm system (lock doors if connected)
Toad Ai606 remote buttons
Disarm system (unlock doors if connected)
3 then 1
Silent Arm
3 then 2
Silent Disarm
1 then 1
Interior Sensor Bypass - 'Pet Mode'
1 for three seconds
Panic mode (sound alarm without doors locking)
3 and 4 together for three seconds
Accessory Output (if fitted)
4 for three seconds
Timed Accessory Output (if fitted)


Understanding Chirps and Flashes

Most indicator flash sequences indicate correct operation of the system and the three colour LED uses Red and Green with Orange for error codes.

Interpreting LED Flahes and Status for Toad Alarms

No of Flashes Explanation
RED - Slow flash Car is armed
None Car is disarmed
GREEN - Quick flash Car is in the process of arming
GREEN - Solid Immobiliser arming
RED - Solid Immobiliser is armed


If on starting the ignition three orange indicator flashes take place, this shows that the alarm was triggered (set off). The LED will then flash a sequence between three and seven to say what triggered the alarm. This sequence is repeated twice more to give three cycles in total.

Toad Alarm Trigger Codes

LED Zone
Two Flashes Optional Sensor
Three Flashes Door Trigger
Four Flashes Boot / Bonnet Trigger
Five Flashes Door Trigger (car dependant)
Six Flashes Ultrasonic Sensor
Seven Flashes Ignition Trigger

Printable version of Toad Ai606 Cat 1 alarm trigger code table.

No Maintenance Car Alarm

In our experience the Toad Ai606 car alarm is robust, requires no tweaking by customers and has become one of our best sellers. If you are looking for value for money then this really is the best car alarm giving superb functionality and insurance compliance for an inexpensive price.


Listed Features

  • Toad Ai606 remotesCat 1 Thatcham car alarm
  • Dual immobilisation circuits
  • 2 four-button remotes
  • Adjustable Ultrasonic interior protection
  • Battery backup siren
  • Tri-colour status LED (last trigger diagnostic)
  • Door, bonnet and boot release (car dependant)
  • 3 Aux channels (1 timed)
  • Silent arm and disarm possible
  • Panic feature
  • Auto-lock feature (lock doors at start of journey)


Additional Modules and Sensor Outputs

Please note all of these features will cost extra as they either require additional modules or extra time to install. Some of these extra functions will also depend on car capability.

  • Tilt sensor
  • Shock sensor
  • Dual Zone Microwave sensor
  • Window closures feature
  • Turbo Timer

* Extra Parts and Labour will incur a reasonable additional charge as some vehicles require extra time for fitting e.g. Nissan Elgrand adds £80 to any alarm system, built motorhomes may need extra installation time, and door motor fitting is charged extra on a per door basis.

This alarm takes about 3 hours to fit, so expect us to take a morning or afternoon for installation. We are based in Fareham.

Payment can be made at the time of installation, via our mobile credit card machine.

Dragon Car Audio & Security are MESF Recognised Installers. We can supply a valid insurance certificate and fit Cat 1 Car Alarms near Fareham for Winchester, Chichester, Southampton, Guildford, Portsmouth, Hampshire & West Sussex customers.

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