CC 9068 Bury Bluetooth Car Kit

The CC 9068 Bury Bluetooth car kit is a high quality all-in-one system. It features a superb touchscreen display and is capable of dual phone connection. It also remembers 10 phones with a massive space for up to 15,000 contacts.

This kit can be expertly fitted by us in the Portsmouth, Southampton, Winchester, Chichester and generally parts of Hampshire and West Sussex areas.

See a video for Bury Bluetooth Car Kit.

CC 9068 Bury Bluetooth Car Kit

supplied and fitted for £239.99 *see notes below

Bury Bluetooth Car Kit

This Bury Bluetooth car kit has some great standard features but is also capable of some superb advanced ones.

The multipoint function is now becoming a standard requirement for car kits, and allows two devices to be connected via Bluetooth at the same time. Calls can be received from either, and dialling out can be achieved by switching to the appropriate device.

This Bury kit can remember up to 10 phones and has a massive space for up to 15,000 contacts.

Unique to Bury is the superb quality 2.8in touchscreen, which is easy to use. Bury concentrate on having an all-in-one system, without separate remote control, a device that does not require batteries and is automatically illuminated.

Bury Bluetooth Car Kit with Parrot 9200 Comparison Table

Bury 9068
Parrot MKi 9200
Screen Dimensions
85 x 58 x 22mm
32 x 82 x 12mm
Screen Size
All-In-One Device
Multipoint (Dual Phone)
Voice Control
Lead Input
Micro USB, 3.5mm
iPod, USB, 3.5mm
Easy to Install Updates


Advanced CC 9068 Car Kit Features

The 9068 car kit features 'Dialogue Plus'. This is far superior to voice tags (which is heavily phone dependant) and allows spoken words and numbers to be understood by the device. Although a great feature, and some customers enjoy using it, this is not necessary to the running of the kit.

Realistically we cannot guarantee that Dialogue Plus is going to work. It requires a quiet cabin space and is not going to function in a van or noisy car. It also requires a customer who is prepared to spend a good deal of their time learning what is necessary.

The Text-to-speech function is designed to enable the kit to read out text messages received. This is phone dependant and again something we cannot guarantee will work.

New for the Bury 9068

So far all these features were available on the older 9060. The Bury 9068 has some new additions which include a 3.5mm jack plug for direct music input and a Micro USB lead for charging your phone.

Both of these leads may require adaptors for the large number of devices that could be plugged in. The USB lead will fit most Blackberry and Samsung phones, however iPhones will definitely need an adaptor, usually costing a few pounds.

The USB cable means that updates are much easier. Before with the 9060 updates were achieved via Bluetooth, and this was very challenging. Now with a Micro USB to USB adaptor, customers can plug the kit into a laptop for a direct connection.

Please also note that music is played through the on-board hands free kit amplifier. Although good, the music quality will not be the same as if played through the car stereo.

Features 10, 11, 12 and 13 are new to the 9068.

Listed Features

  1. Bury colour displayTouchscreen 2.8in
  2. Multipoint - dual Bluetooth phone connection
  3. Changeable colour display
  4. All-in-one system
  5. Remembers 10 phones - up to 15000 contacts
  6. Dialogue Plus voice control
  7. Hold or switch between calls
  8. Text-to-speech (requires compatible phone)
  9. Music steaming via Bluetooth
  10. Music playback via 3.5mm jack input (adaptor may be required)
  11. Micro USB charging cable for phone (adaptor may be required)
  12. Updates via Micro USB cable (adaptor may be required)
  13. Can use the CC 9068 App
  14. Quick guide laminated A5 card for glove box
  15. Size: 85 x 58 x 33mm

9068 In Your Vehicle

The Bury can be mounted in a variety of ways. In most official pictures the pedestal ball mount is used, however we have never used this yet. The almost invisible back plate (picture 3) can be easily mounted on any flat surface and, in our opinion, always looks best.

9068 mounting options

The display can be changed colour to suit different car interiors and providing better integration into most vehicles.

Lastly Bury supply an A5 quick guide, ideal to be left in the glove box. This is really useful when you wish to look something up for immediate use.


* Additional Costs (your car will fit into ONE of these 4 categories)

1. No extra cables or wiring required
No Charge
2. Additional car connection loom required
3. CAN bus driven vehicle requiring additional car connection loom
4. Amplified stereo systems (may be located in the car boot e.g. Bose® system)
£45 to £85


Payment can be made at the time of installation, via our mobile credit card machine.

Contact Dragon Car Audio and Security.

This is a superb quality Bury Bluetooth car kit and can be expertly fitted by us in the Portsmouth, Southampton, Winchester, Chichester, parts of West Sussex and Hampshire areas.

Read user guide on the CC 9068 Bury Bluetooth Car Kit.


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